Fertility Coaching

Improve fertility naturally with evidence-based lifestyle and nutrition optimization. Prepare for a healthy AMA pregnancy, improve egg quality, balance hormones to restore an irregular cycle, or prepare for assistive reproductive technologies to give your family the best chance at a successful IVF or IUI cycle. I'll hold your hand through the entire process!

You've Tried Everything...

Read countless books, braved acupuncture, eaten SO MUCH kale, and taken “fertility boosting” herbs with rave reviews.

...And You're Still Not Pregnant.

You never imagined it would be this hard.

Building a family seems so easy for other women! You try not to obsess over it, but it feels like there’s a huge hole in your life. And it’s so unfair.

When will it be YOUR turn?

You want to be able to feel excited for friends when they get pregnant, and you are! But it still stings. It’s so hard to remain positive when no matter how hard you try to get pregnant yourself, your body just isn’t cooperating. Don’t you deserve that abundant joy, too?

All you want is a baby, and no one seems to understand how frustrated and alone you feel.

As Your Fertility Coach I Will

So you can confidently take the next step toward building your family.

meet your fertility coach

Danielle DeSimone

Hello! I’m Danielle. And I’m here to help you find the REAL reasons you aren’t getting pregnant. 

So much of human reproduction is still a mystery—even to fertility doctors! But what we know for certain is that getting pregnant is about A LOT MORE than a sperm and an egg. 

In the past 8 years, I’ve worked at some of the top functional nutrition and fertility clinics in the country, helping over 500 women like you to navigate the ups and downs of hormone imbalance and fertility challenges.

I launched Shine Total Wellness to provide more personalized, individual care to women who want to optimize their fertility naturally using evidence-based methods. I specialize in overcoming the physical causes of infertility—like hormone imbalance and thyroid dysfunction—AND helping you release emotional and spiritual blocks and stress so that you can move into full alignment with your goals.

Is Fertility Coaching Right For You?

How Much Does Fertility Coaching Cost?

30-minute Fertility
Coaching Consultation

  • Meet with me to discuss your fertility and hormone balance needs to see if I'm your ideal fertility coach.
  • Convenient no-obligations telephone call.

60-minute fertility
coaching deep-dive

$ $300
  • Single fertility coaching session to ask questions about hormonal imbalance and fertility optimization.
  • Both HSA and FSA Eligible. Insurance not currently accepted.

Premium Fertility
Coaching Package

$ $3,000
  • Comprehensive Natural Fertility Boost and Hormone Health Plan. You'll get suggestions for hormone-balancing functional nutrition, fitness advice, and fertility-boosting lifestyle shifts. We'll work together to release stress, resolve emotional blocks, and emphasize self-care.
  • Two virtual fertility coaching sessions per month for four months.
  • Unlimited virtual support between fertility coaching sessions.
  • HSA and FSA Eligible. Insurance not currently accepted.
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