Postpartum Coaching

Your beautiful baby is finally here! You're overjoyed, but also totally overwhelmed with changing hormones, adjusting to your postpartum body, disruptions in your sleep schedule (or lack thereof), and taking care of the needs of your new little one. Whether you're two weeks postpartum or 2 years, I'll help you rebalance hormones, establish a new normal, and feel more comfortable in your body through nutrition, stress management, and gentle exercise optimizations that fit into your life now.

Motherhood is the most amazing thing you've ever done...

You’re utterly blissed out with love for your baby, but you’re also exhausted, hangry from breastfeeding, out of shape, and moody!

...And It's Physically, emotionally, and spiritually challenging.

woman making a hormone health smoothie

You try to watch what you eat.

You want to make sure that your baby is getting quality nutrition through your breast milk. And you also wouldn’t mind dropping some of that baby weight. But you know the “bounce back” is mostly a myth, and you need to give yourself grace.

You have zero "me time".

And you aren’t sure how to make space for yourself as you give everything you have to taking care of your baby. You know self-care and wellness are important, but you feel like your postpartum health is always last priority. 

You need a health jumpstart to get you out of this rut and feeling like yourself again.

As Your Postpartum Health Coach I Will

So you can heal your hormones and feel confident, calm, content, in control, and vibrant!

meet your postpartum coach

Danielle DeSimone

Hello! I’m Danielle. And I’ve been exactly where you are, mama! Sleep-deprived, frazzled, and forgetful. Your body doesn’t quite feel like your own, and it definitely doesn’t look exactly like it did before you had a baby.

You had so many doctor appointments when you were pregnant, but now you’re left to figure things out on your own. And you feel a little lost. 

How do you adjust to this new normal? Are there practical changes you can make to your daily routine, nutrition, and mindset to steal more rest for you and baby? How can you safely get back into your fitness routine when it’s time? And how do you navigate starting baby on solids or approach sleep training without information overload? You have a million questions. And you aren’t sure who to ask for guidance.

I hear you! I see you! And I’m here to help! 

Is Postpartum Coaching Right For You?

How Much Does Postpartum Coaching Cost?

30-minute Postpartum
Coaching Consultation

  • Meet with me to discuss your postpartum health and fitness goals and decide if I'm the right postpartum coach to help you get your groove back!
  • Convenient no-obligations telephone call.

60-minute postpartum
coaching deep-dive

$ $300
  • Single postpartum coaching session to ask questions about hormonal imbalance, breastfeeding, postpartum fitness and nutrition, and more.
  • Both HSA and FSA Eligible. Insurance not currently accepted.

Premium Postpartum
Coaching Package

$ $2,250
  • Comprehensive Postpartum Health Coaching Plan. Reach your postpartum weight loss, fitness, and mindset goals. Rebalance your hormones and recharge your adrenal system through functional nutrition, smart supplements, and self-care. Get personalized guidance and support for the mental and emotional challenges of life with a new baby.
  • One virtual postpartum coaching session per month for six months.
  • Unlimited virtual support between postpartum health coaching sessions.
  • HSA and FSA Eligible. Insurance not currently accepted.
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