About Shine Total Wellness Coaching

I started Shine in 2016 after years working for some of the top functional medicine, fitness, and fertility institutions in the country. After giving birth to my first child, I realized how underserved and disempowered women are in healthcare, especially during our reproductive years. I wanted to provide more personal, individualized care for women and mothers.

I offer a space where women can feel validated and heard, are treated like unique individuals, and are empowered to take ownership of their fertility and prenatal health.

I offer an all-encompassing total health program individualized for each client’s goals, physiology, and unique phase in life. Instead of masking symptoms and relying on medication, I’ll help you find the true root cause of your hormone imbalance. 

Read on to learn more about my qualifications and why I’m the right women’s health coach for you!

personal trainer and fitness coach

Fertility and hormone health specialist

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Root-cause Holistic Health Counselor

Meet Your Hormone Health Coach

Danielle DeSimone INHC, CHHC, CPT


In early 2016, I began my career in wellness working alongside celebrity trainer, David Barton. Together, we implemented the first in-house nutrition and metabolic health program for commercial gyms in New York City.


I launched Shine Total Wellness in 2016 because I saw an undeniable link between hormone health and overall wellness, healthy body composition, and a stable, positive mood. My clients were seeing huge impacts in a very short amount of time from simple lifestyle shifts and hormone-balancing nutrition.


I spent a year working in traditional fertility medicine at the Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Manhattan. I saw countless women with hormonal imbalance. They had chronic, untreated health conditions that impacted their quality of life and were likely contributing to (or the cause of) their infertility. I knew their hormone imbalances were reversible from my prior work, but traditional medicine wasn't addressing these underlying issues!


I wanted to approach women's health and fertility more holistically, so I left the Institute to study functional medicine, where we aim to identify and correct imbalances instead of relying on medications and aggressive interventions. I spent four years at Parsley Health, the country's top functional medicine clinic, where I specialized in fertility, hormonal health, and pregnancy.


During my time at Parsley, I got pregnant with my daughter, Charlotte, and was completely shocked by how little prenatal education I was offered by my healthcare team. I felt deprioritized and unimportant, and appointments were always rushed. This was the catalyst for me deciding to focus on Shine full-time; because women deserve better.


In early 2023, I left Parsley to provide more customized, focused care privately at Shine. I fill in the gaps in your existing healthcare team, combining my experience in functional nutrition, fertility optimization, exercise science, and hormone health to craft a science-based comprehensive health plan via one-on-one telehealth coaching. My total health packages ensure that women struggling with hormone imbalance, trying to conceive, seeking a healthy pregnancy, or seeking balance postpartum feel heard, validated, educated, and empowered!
Shine Total Wellness owner Danielle DeSimone, pregnancy coach, fertility coach, hormone health coach, postpartum health coach

Fun Facts

> My husband and I recently moved from New York City to rural Virginia where we live with our 2-year-old daughter, Charlotte. We’re expecting our second child soon!


> Nature and animals light me up and when I’m not working you’ll probably find me at the barn riding horses or hiking in the woods.


> I’m a born nurturer and spent years working in animal shelters raising orphaned baby animals.


> I was a competitive equestrian as a teenager. I’ve returned to my horsey roots since we moved to a more rural home, and I now ride regularly.


> I had a spiritual awakening in 2017 after losing most of my belongings and my home in an apartment fire.


> I’m in touch with my spirit guides through meditation every day. In fact, I call on my main guide to support my clients through me before every session.


> I’m a Swiftie and have already passed some of that onto my daughter… her favorite song is Maroon and she requests it on repeat! 

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