Pregnancy Coaching

How should you eat, move, and live in each trimester to make sure your baby develops normally? What's the best prenatal vitamin? And how can you get rid of this nausea and headache that won't go away?! A Pregnancy Coach will hold your hand through all the ups, downs, and questions as you grow your child.

You want to give your baby the best possible start to life...

Your OBGYN is great, but appointments seem so quick and impersonal and your messages sit for days before you get a response. You’ve searched the internet late at night, but you’re still not sure you’re doing everything “right” for your baby.

...and you have so many questions!

Your body is changing so fast.

And you’re pretty sure your mom and best friends are REALLY tired of hearing about every weird symptom, self-doubt, and bizarre food craving. 

You wish there were someone to support you through this hormonal roller coaster ride!

Someone who has experienced multiple pregnancies herself and actually has the health qualifications to help you understand what to expect in each trimester, what to eat to stay healthy (even when you’re nauseous), how to stay active, despite your complete exhaustion and growing baby bump, and how to work through your fears and feel confident going into birth and motherhood.

Guess what, Mama? You need a Pregnancy Coach like me!

As Your Pregnancy Coach I Will

So you can confidently know you are doing all you can to keep yourself and your baby healthy.

meet your pregnancy coach

Danielle DeSimone

Hello! I’m Danielle! I’m a mama of one with baby #2 due soon, and I’m here to give you all the loving support, science-based health information, and reassurance you deserve during this wild and wonderful time of your life!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, Charlotte, I felt deprioritized by my healthcare team. Appointments always felt rushed, and I didn’t feel like I got nearly enough education about what to expect from my body and emotions while creating a life. 

As your pregnancy coach, I combine the care and attentiveness of a friend with the knowledge I’ve gained during my career as a fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health and nutrition specialist. 

I’ll educate you about your body, explain any scary (or hilarious!) symptoms, make sure you get the nutrition you and baby need, and, most importantly, hold your hand every step of the way.

Is Pregnancy Coaching Right For You?

How Much Does Pregnancy Coaching Cost?

30-minute Pregnancy Coaching Consultation

  • Meet with me to discuss what you want to get out of pregnancy coaching and see if we're a good fit.
  • Convenient no-obligations telephone call.

60-minute pregnancy coaching deep-dive

$ $300
  • Single pregnancy coaching session to ask questions and plan for healthy pregnancy & postpartum.
  • Both HSA and FSA Eligible. Insurance not currently accepted.

Premium Pregnancy
Coaching Package

$ $3,000
  • My comprehensive pregnancy coaching package. We'll work together to reach your pregnancy nutrition goals, manage symptoms, find optimal supplements, and craft a pregnancy fitness and self-care routine that fits your lifestyle. Plus, extra postpartum support!
  • 8 sessions total: Typically breaks down into 1 virtual health coaching sessions per month for 7 months, plus 1 postpartum health coaching session.
  • Unlimited virtual support between hormone coaching sessions.
  • HSA and FSA Eligible. Insurance not currently accepted.
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